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Cerbului Street, no. 5
In CFF railway station aka Gara Mocanitei
Tel: 0040 262 35 35 35
Fax: 0040 262 35 33 63
435700 - Viseu de Sus
Maramures - Romania



Family guesthouses

In Viseu de Sus there is already a lot of overnight accomodation. Standard price per person/night including breakfast is about € 12.- (without guarantee). Ecotours S.R.L. takes over the reservation against a small fee  (see Order form).Every visitor can also book direct, though. Here a few addresses which are recommended by Ecotours S.R.L.

Pensiunea Barsan, Str. Alexandr Ioan Cuza Nr.69B, Viseu de Sus
Situated direct on the “forest” railway. Pensiunea Barsan is the home of the steam locomotive stoker Vasile Barsan (speaks a little bit German) and his family. Three comfortable guestrooms for a total of 6-7 persons available. Private bathroom and a toilet, big kitchen/pantry, covered terrace over looking railway secure parking lot. If requested with full board.

Telefon:   +40 (0)262 355 653
Mobil:   +40 (0)741 662 269

Pensiunea Danuta, Viseu de Sus
Quiet family guesthouse owned by the boss of the “forest” railway, Petre Grad. Direct on the route of the “forest” railway (about 10 minutes away from the railway station on foot), four rooms with double beds, bathroom, dining-room, secure parking lot (also for campers) in the court, big garden (also for tents). Petre speaks a little bit German, his wife Italian, his daughter English. If requested, full board.

Telefon:   +40 (0)744 186 622

Pensiunea Nagy, Str. Prislop Nr.82, Viseu de Sus
Guesthouse in the Zipserei with restaurant, bar and different comfortable rooms and apartments (all with private bathroom/toilet). In several separate buildings for a total of 18 persons. Generous garden with trout pond, children's playground, covered seating corners and much more. Family Nagy speaks German perfectly.

Telefon:   +40 (0)262 354 681
Mobil:   +40 (0)742 497 041

Pensiunea Stancuta, Str. Alexandr Ioan Cuza Nr.56, Viseu de Sus
Newly built guesthouse direct at the upper end of the saw mill, where the “forest” railway passes by. Four comfortable double rooms, big living room.

Telefon:   +40 (0)262 355 521
Mobil:   +40 (0)745 096 481
FAX:   +40 (0)262 355 521

Pensiunea Sanda, Str. Moldova Nr.1
Situated in opposite of the forest railway station, different rooms (partially with private bathroom) for about 8 persons, quiet location.

Telefon:   +40 (0)262 352 032
Mobil:   +40 (0)743 988 319

Zipser Association „Edelweiss“, Str. 9.Mai Nr.29, Viseu de Sus
Guesthouse of the “German forum” in the Zipserei, 5 rooms for a total of 10 persons, big dining room (meals on order), bar in the house. Everyone speaks German!

Telefon:   +40 (0)262 355 060
FAX:   +40 (0)262 352 012


Hotel „Gabriela“
Is situated on the exit of the town of Viseu de Sus, directly along the main street, in the direction of Borsa. The cultivated middle class hotel disposes of a big dining room and offers space facilities for about 25 persons.

Address:   Str. Rândunelelor Nr.1
Telefon: +40 (0)262 354 380
Mobil: +40 (0)745 800 378
FAX: +40 (0)262 354 688

Hotel „Brad“
Is situated in the centre of Viseu de Sus; middle class, capacity for about 20 persons.

Address:   Str. 22 Decembrie Nr.25
Telefon: +40 (0)262 352 999 und +40 (0)262 353 857
Mobil: +40 (0)740 014 861
FAX: +40 (0)262 353 857

Summer cottages

Haus am Fluss“, Str. 1 Mai Nr.120, Viseu de Sus
Independent, softly renovated typical Wassertal-house, traditionally furnished and painted, with big garden directly on the river. Quiet positon, two big rooms, comfortable kitchen, bathroom, glazed porch, wood-central heating in addition to the original terracotta tiled stoves. The house offers space for a maximum of 5 persons.

Tel:   +40 (0)745 543 875

„Haus Ion Tomoiaga“, Str. Banat Nr.11, Viseu de Sus
Recently renovated summer cottage close to the CFF railway station, two rooms, own kitchen and bath, central heating, balcony.

Tel:   +40 (0)745 196 150


There are no official camping sites in the region of Viseu de Sus. However, everywhere there are people willing to allow tourists to camp or to put down their caravans on their property. If necessary Ecotours S.R.L. provides suitable addresses. Wild tents are not to be recommended for safety reasons.

Vaser Valley

If anybody would like to spend the night in the Vaser Valley, he should have a tent. Except in Faina there are no overnight possibilities for tourists, and also these few “Cabanas” are mostly booked up in summer. In case of urgent need, you will perhaps get a sleeping place in the simple lodgings of the woodsmen or can ask at the forester’s house.

To avoid any problem you should inquire previously in the office of Ecotours S.R.L. whether and where you can find a place to sleep.

Important: In Vaser Valley there are neither restaurants nor shopping possibilities – therefore, taking always enough provisions with you!

Vaser Valey