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Cerbului Street, no. 5
In CFF railway station aka Gara Mocanitei
Tel: 0040 262 35 35 35
Fax: 0040 262 35 33 63
435700 - Viseu de Sus
Maramures - Romania



Climate/holiday season

Generally, the climate in the Maramures is compareable to that of Central Europe, only a little more distinctive: Rainy spring, hot summers, extremely cold and winter months often rich in snow.

Ideal holiday season is from May to October; for mountain tours from June to September.

During the holiday seasons in August some of the better known places can be crowded. Farther away from the tourist centers the visitor finds the real, untouched Maramures, however, also in the midsummer.

Vaser Valley

Food and drinking

The touristy offer in Viseu de Sus consists of countless bars and canteens, the offer, however, is apart from alcoholic drinks rather modest.

Tip: Espresso Bar Moak (street 1 Decembrie No. 31, in the center), cultivated atmosphere, various excellent coffees.

People eat at home in rural Romania; however, some restaurants offer typical food. Pizzeria Andra (street 22 Decembrie No. 25, in the centre) has a good kitchen – it exists not only of Pizzas!

Another excellent restaurant is the Roman in the Strada Carpti with its "Ciorba de burta" (sour Kuttel soup), probably the speciality of the Maramures. You can also eat quite traditionally at the Hotel Gabriela and in Hanul intre Raului, in the latter there is also danced to Romanian Disco music in the evenings. Youngsters meet at the Club Versus (street Libertatii No. 19); a trendy altered cellar vault whose entrance in a backyard is not easily found.

Slanina si branza


In the numerous shops of Viseu de Sus the tourist can buy almost everything. The opening times are very customer-orientated; you can also make purchases on Sundays (some shops are even open non-stop!).

Local fresh products are offered at a small market directly in the centre, beside the city administration ("Primaria"). Or at the big weekly market ("Piata”) on the "Zipser bridge" at the entrance of the former German quarter, in each case Friday from about 9 to 13 o’clock. Here the small farmers from the surroundings supply themselves with the most necessary articles. They come to town on horses and carts. With its lively activity this weekly market is an experience for itself!

Viseu market


Viseu de Sus has several banks where money can be changed. There are several cash dispensers in the town, one of them directly at the police station in the Strada Republicii where you can provide yourself with cash using your current credit card. The exchange rates are fluctuating; at the moment you will get about 360 new Romanian Lei (state February 2006) for € 100.

Important: The old Lei (10 new Lei = 100,000 old Lei) is still valid.



Several taxi enterprises offer their services; the trade is correct, the rates are put down and moderate (1 kilometre costs about 60 cents).
  • Taxi „SUN“ has its stand in the centre, in front of the "Casa de Cultura". Tel: 0740 244 233 or 0722 539 536 29.
  • Taxi „Anvis” " (also minibus) Tel. 0745 573 903 or 0742 828 107