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NEWS FROM ECOTOURS - Mocanita Train for Viflaim Celebration
Mocanita Train for Viflaim Celebration 
Thursday, December 27th, 2007
Here is the latest program for mocanita steam trains for later this year and beginning of 2008:

Special steam train for "Viflaim" celebration that will leave after small traditional performances called "Devils Dance" followed by the "Saints Coming Down" local dance. Mocanita will leave at 10.00 h and it will be back at around 15.00 h.

The price is about 80,- Ron/pers. (around 30,- Eur.)

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Mocanita Photo Train 
Saturday, December 29th, 2007
Special steam train for photographers on CFF Viseu de Sus.
The steam train will leave at 8.00 o'clock to Botizu station and will return at around 16.00 h. Special photo stops are planned for best mocanita wintertime pictures.

The price is about 80,- Ron/pers. (around 30,- Eur.)

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New Year's Eve Celebration with Mocanita 
Monday, December 31st, 2007
A special steam train will run on the New Years Eve night! For the third year this mocanita train is planned to start to Novat on the 31st of December at around 21.00 h and it will be back on 1st of January before sun rise. In Novat the party will start around the open fire and the atmosphere will be scented by the hot boiled wine, barbecue, sounds of specific songs and fire works.

The price for this special tour is 140 Ron/person (around 50 Euro) – small drink, appetizers and barbecue are included.

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2008 First Mocanita Special Train 
Thursday, January 3rd, 2008
Starting at 9.00 h in the morning the steam train is going to Paltin station for a fresh start in the new year. You are invited to admire the landscape in the snow and to enjoy the clean and fresh air. The special steam train will be back in Viseu de Sus station at around 15.00 h.

The price is about 50,- Ron/pers. (around 15,- Eur.)

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